“The Brand That Celebrates Your Success”

Conquering a mountain whatever its height or difficulty, wherever it is in the world is an experience your will remember with lasting enjoyment throughout your entire life. It is from this base that we set out to design and create a leisure garment that you will be as proud to wear as you were when you first conquered the mountain.
Designed by mountaineers for  mountaineers and explorers throughout the world. We invested in all the  inspiration we recieved from our growing customer base arround the globe.
Today Summit Junkie has evolved  into one of the UK’s leading designers and creators of bespoke high end organic leisure wear, exclusively dedicated to celebrating some of the highest, most beautiful and challenging mountains around the world.
More recently Summit Junkie has expanded our collection to appeal to a worldwide audience of adventurers and explorers who seek out the many new and exciting challenges that our amazing planet provides.